Smart Automated Web Application Testing

  AI Test Suite is an automated web application testing platform.

  Save time and improve the efficiency, coverage, and lower the cost associated with manual web application testing for security and quality assurance (QA).

  With tons of features including our Smart Site Scan and detailed reports, let AI Test Suite do the heavy lifting so that you don't have to.


Automate user actions with a virtual browser while capturing HTTP traffic. Build and manage reusable tests from a centralized dashboard.

Enhanced Features

Supports stateful (session-based) applications, browser storage, and additional features lacking in existing security testing tools.

Consistency & Coverage

Reduce the likelihood of human error in testing that can produce inaccurate results and missed test cases.

Time & Efficiency

Create and maintain security tests in a fraction of time compared to manual security testing.


Scale your testing with re-usable features that reduce the effort and complexity associated with refactoring and maintainance.


Time costs money. Quality costs money. Automation can improve on both factors for testing. The cost of a security incident can be severe.

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Powered by AI Test Suite

AI Test Suite is a novel framework that combines key features in automated web browser technology like Selenium with features from proxy based web application security solutions. Mapping models and data with an object-relational-model (ORM) provides in-depth contextual analysis and reports from security tests and findings.

No Coding Required

Our frmework allows you to mimic behavior by simulating browser actions or crafting HTTP requests. The automation platform replays the actions while security tests are conducted. Test results, reports, and in-depth contextual information about the application are generated after each test. Configure actions through a simple web interface without writing any code.