Automated Integration Testing

For Web Application Security and Quality Assurance

Scalable automated web application integration testing without code. Improve efficiency, consistency, coverage, and lower the costs associated with manual security testing. — powered by AI Test Suite.

The Road to Software Delivery

The prevalence of automation solutions for application integration, deployment, and delivery is on the rise. However security and QA integration testing lacks automated solutions. AI Test Suite provides a solution for automated web application testing that can be utilized for various functions including regression testing.

What is Missing in Web App Integration Testing

The lack of automation and limitations from tooling lead to the following challenges

Time Consuming & Inefficient

Manual testing takes time and involves a LOT of repetitive tasks. Re-testing takes a similar amount of time as the original test.

Difficult to Scale

The time, complexity, and repetition involved in creating, running, maintaining, and refactoring tests make scaling difficult.

Human Error

Humans make mistakes. Testers knowingly and unknowingly skip test cases.


Time costs money. Quality costs money. Manual testing and code based solutions take time and are prone to human error. The cost of a security incident can be severe.

Lack of Features

QA testing does not cover security. Security tools lack automated regression testing features.

Lack of Test Coverage

Even small applications can have thousands of endpoints. It is common to trade test coverage for efficiency purposes. This leads to gaps that may contain vulnerabilities.

A Platform for Automated Web Application Security Testing

Powered by AI Test Suite

AI Test Suite is a novel framework that combines key features in automated web browser technology with features from web application security. Mapping models and data with an object-relational-model (ORM) provides in-depth contextual analysis and reports from security tests and findings.

No Coding Required

Our framework allows you to script user behavior by recording browser actions. Replay the recorded actions while security tests are conducted, then review results and historical performance. Configure actions through a simple web interface without writing any code.

A Comprehensive Automated Approach (Security QA)

We provide an automated scalable solution to Security Integration Testing (Security QA).


Testing tools, results, analysis, and contextual information all in one place. No more searching through a bunch of spreadsheets.

Enhanced Features

Support for stateful applications, browser storage, and additional features lacking in existing security testing tools.

Consistency & Coverage

Reduce the downside of human error in testing which can lead to inaccurate results and missed test cases.

Time & Efficiency

Create and maintain security tests in a fraction of time compared to manual security testing.


Scale your testing with re-usable features that reduce the complexity associated with refactoring and maintainance.


Time costs money. Quality costs money. Automation can improve on both factors for testing. The cost of a security incident can be severe.

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