Requests contain the components of a captured HTTP request

Request Capturing

The following information is captured from Requests.

Field Description
Protocol The protocol used for the request.

Host The host that the request was sent to.
Path The path to which the request will be sent to.
Examples: /home, /api/vi, /forms/transfer
Method The HTTP method used for the request.
Request Headers The name and value pairs of the request headers.
Request Cookies The name and value pairs of the request cookies.
Request Body The body contents of the request body.
Response Headers The name and value pairs of the response headers.
Response Cookies The name and value pairs of the response cookies along with cookie flags and domains.
Response Body The body contents of the response body.

Note: The components above can be used in Assertions when configuring Conditions.

This is a view of a sample Request. Notice the Request Information section on the left, and the Response Information section on the right. As mentioned above, AI Test Suite captures the request & response headers, cookies, body, and additional information. Requests can also be modified and "Replayed". Similar to the BurpSuite Repeater extension.

Add/remove headers and cookies while replaying requests.

Replaying Requests

Requests can be replayed by clicking the "Replay Request" button.

All request parameters can be updated before sending the modified request. Modified requests are not saved, but the response information is displayed for analysis.

Track Headers & Cookies

The button will show each occurence of a specific header or cookie in resquests and responses. The example below shows occurences of the 'etag' header.

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