Site Scan

A Site Scan navigates (crawls) through the pages on a website while capturing HTTP requests for analysis.

Creating an Site Scan

Step 1

A Site Scan can be created from the "Apps" page by clicking the "New Site Scan" button or by selecting "New Site Scan" in the options drop-down menu on the profile page for any Test, Action, or Step.

Step 2

Fill in the "New Site Scan" form.

Field Description
Website Title The title of the website.
Description A breif description fo the web site/application.
Base URL The URL to begin the site scan.
Depth The number of levels that the website should crawl the website.

Step 3

A new App, Test, Action, or Step, if necessary, will be created for the Site Scan. Click "Run Test", "Run Action", or "Run Step" to begin the Site Scan.

For base URLs that begin with 'https', an SSL Scan step will be added.


Results can be viewed on the respective Test/Action/Step profile page after the Run is comlete and the data has been processed.

Results from the Run can also be viewed in the Run Report

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