A Template is a reusable Test, Action, or Step. Templates can be reused as many times as you need in other components.

Creating a Template

Step 1

A Template can be created from the "Test Templates", "Action Templates", or "Step Templates" page.

Step 2

Click "New Test Template", "New Action Template", or "New Step Template" to create a template.

Step 3

Fill out the form for the new Test, Action, or Step Template.

Creating a Test
Creating an Action
Creating a Step

Templates are identified by the "Template" badge.

Add Templates

Step 1

Templates can be added to components by clicking on the options button on the profile page of an App, Test, or Action and selecting "Add Test/Action/Step from Template".

Step 2

Select the template to add by clicking the "Add Template" button.

The template will be copied and added as a "Clone". Clones are identified by the "Clone" badge.

Publish Templates

Tests, Actions, and Steps can be pulished as Templates. This can be done by clicking on the options button in the respective item's profile page and selecting the option to publish the item to a template.